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Children's Parties

Fun and games supervised by an instructor

Over the course of an hour and a half, participants will work through some great climbing challenges, experience exciting lower offs (descents) and have fun climbing with their friends.

One instructor supervises up to 6 children in a group... So a party of 7-12 children would need 2 instructors - and so on.

For safety, under 18s cannot enter The Reach unless they are climbing under the supervision of an instructor or member. Please do not bring any other children (to watch, etc.). Parents are not allowed in the climbing areas, but are welcome to use the cafe.

The session is tailored to the ability of the children in the group - no previous climbing experience is necessary.

  • Written parental consent required - please read below

Minimum age 7. Maximum age 17. If your party group includes anyone over the age of 17, please check out our adult party page.

£120 per 6 children

(includes all equipment)

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Party consent

Please note - the party organiser must bring a completed Party Consent Form, including names and emergency contact numbers for all participants

The form  also includes a declaration that the parents of all participants have given their informed consent to their child's participation in the climbing party.

Party invite


While the children are climbing, parents can relax in our fantastic mezzanine cafe.

The cafe can also provide party catering in a nearby building on the same site, overlooking the River Thames - but this must be arranged in advance. Check out the party catering options on the Rosielees cafe page for details.


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