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Parties for adults

Fun and games supervised by an instructor

1.5 hour session

Work through some great climbing challenges, experience exciting lower offs (descents) and have fun climbing with your friends.

One instructor supervises up to 6 people in a group... So a party of 7-12 participants needs 2 instructors - and so on.

The session is tailored to the ability of the people in the group - no previous climbing experience is necessary.

Can include a mix of children and adults (minimum age 7). If the entire party group is under the age of 18, please check out our childrens party page.

£150 per 6 participants

(includes all equipment)

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Fancy a bite after (or before) your session? The onsite cafe serves fresh food, snacks, cakes, espresso coffee, a selection of teas and cold drinks. If you're turning up as a group, to save time you might wish to pre-order via the Rosielees cafe page.


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