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Autumn competition time is fast approaching...

Make sure you put the date in your diary: Saturday 27 October 2018

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The Mythical Giants

Presentation & Film Premiere at The Reach climbing wall
9 December 2017 @7:15pm...
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2017 Competition Winners

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part in our 2017 autumn competition. Standards were, as usual, high. The list of winners follows...

(more pictures here)

Full competition scores and rankings (opens in new window).

Eliminator Lead

Callum Sturgeon (male)

Lucy Garlick (female)

Eliminator Bouldering

Henry Le Duc (male)

Laura Pack-Hagen (female)

Eliminator Youth (Bouldering)

Cameron Kemp (male)

Alice Pendry-Humm (female)

  1. Filip Mieszuowski (hard)
  2. Pete Holland (medium)
  3. Joe Kane (easy)
  1. Rob Laird (hard)
  2. Dal (medium)
  3. David Morgan (easy)
  1. Henry Le Duc (hard)
  2. William Moore (medium)
  3. Dominic Dunkley (easy)

14-17 year olds, Lead

Callum Sturgeon (male)

Sasha Thrower (female)

14-17 year olds, Top-rope

Daniel Hopper

Callum McNeice

14-17 year olds, Bouldering

Callum Sturgeon (male)

Sasha Thrower (female)

Under 14, Lead

Cameron Kemp (male)

Lucy Garlick (female)

Under 14, Top-rope

Lucy Hammond

Erin McNeice

Under 14, Bouldering

Cameron Kemp (male)

Erin McNeice (female)

Best Dressed

Ed Gilmore

Competition 2017

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PLEASE NOTE: Standard supervision rules apply:
  • Unregistered climbers must be closely supervised at all times by a registered Adult member of The Reach
  • the supervising member must remain on the ground at all times*
  • an Adult member may supervise no more than 2 people
  • 'One on the wall' for bouldering - if you have two guests, only one may be on the bouldering wall at a time.
*NOTE: You can call us to pre-book an instructor to supervise your 7-17 year old for 2 hours (either 10.30am-12.30pm, or 12.30pm-2.30pm), so that you are able to climb during that time. Limited availability – first come, first served. Call us on 020 8855 9598 to arrange this – do NOT book your places online!


Supervision Rules change

From Saturday 1 July we are implementing new supervision rules, in order to keep up with the latest best practice in the climbing industry. See the poster below for details.
The key changes are:
  • The supervising member must remain on the ground - i.e. you may NOT climb or boulder while supervising a guest or guests.
  • Guest climbers must not belay, unless their supervising member is backing up the dead rope. So if you want to teach a guest to belay, you must come with a third person to be the climber.
  • One on the wall for bouldering - if you have two guests, only one may be on the bouldering wall at a time.
  • We have defined exactly what we mean by 'close supervision' - please read this carefully.

You will need to complete new supervision forms from 1 July, so please allow extra time for this.


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